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Product Name: 31 segment arc LED bar graph display devices
Model: BH31-3003R8MA8
Description: • display radian: 300 °;
• bar width: 3 mm;
• bar radius: 8 mm;
• by using scattering film technics;

Product Name: 41segments bargraph indicator module with serial data interface
Model: DF41P424F-2D36
Description: • Connect with the I/O port of user’s MCU by Synchronous Serial Port;
• The Highest frequency of serial clock reach 10 MHz;
• Display as many as 2 bars and 4 highlighted segment cursors by user programming;

Product Name: Electronic stereo compass LED bar display module
Model: LP91808S
Description: • Power supply DC5V;
• SPI serial communication interface;

Product Name: 75segments fixed color single audio level meter module
Model: DC175P-1482SM
Description: • The bargraph display is composed by surface mounting LED device;
• Display mode: dot display with peak hold;
• Signal input range: 0 - 30VAC;
• Sensitivity is adjustable,the adjusting range is 3 dB;

Product Name: 8 segments 21mm single bar-meter module with 2 led dots(passive)
Model: BN8+2P211S
Description: • Detect the working state of two channel solar panels and terminal voltate of another battery simultaneously;
• Passive detection with only two lines;

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