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LED Bargraph indicator device
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Transmitter and other
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Barmeter for Flat knitting machine
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Replacing for moving coil Indicator and color belt, bargraph indicator is novel electrical indicating meter for measuring electricity which manifests a lot of physical items such as electrical pressure, electrical current, temperature, liquid pressure, involving speed and so on and owns features like high accuracy, long lifespan, magnetic-resisting and vibration-resisting. 


Barmeter Electronic is an expert manufacturer for bargraph barmeter. Over 10 years¡¯ untiring hard working and development, we have accumulated rich researching and applying experience so that our products almost reach to be perfect and mature and working technique plays a leading role in the country.


We have strong technological power and high-tech talents having rich theoretic and practical experience. From the products designing, manufacturing to manifesting and examining, the strict quality control and comprehensive management all comply to ISO9001 standard. Barmeter now has a production capacity of 101 lines bargraph indicator 5000 per month and becomes the main supplier for apparatus manufacturer in the home market. 


Barmeter is willing to display the future with you.


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